Security and Access

These advanced and highly intelligent components help you control and restrict access to your interiors and monitor activity at multiple locations all at once.

There are several benefits of using our advanced door access controls. These are:

  • Superior software and customised support for all kinds of entry and exit points
  • Simple user interface 
  • Easy to manage and monitor single or multiple entry points 
  • User defined entry and scheduling features 
  • Supports endless entries 
  • Offers scalable features when number of entries at a time increase 
  • Equipped to monitor different size facilities including homes, industrial areas, malls or schools

In today’s society access control systems are a valuable way of controlling and monitoring access to your premises.

There are a wide variety of types of access control systems we can maintain and install. These range from key fob access, swipe card, biometric (fingerprint), also keypads. All of these can be pc based, networked or even standalone. We can install and maintain all sizes of system even down to the supply of end user products i.e. swipe cards, fobs etc.

Access systems can combine more than one type of access together so you can have a situation where an individual has to use a keypad as well as swipe there card to gain access or even include a fingerprint system for total security.

Sounds Electric can cater for your size of premises from a single door to a multiple door system with 1000’s of users.