We can supply both hand held and base station scanners and receivers at low discount prices.

Quantity discounts for charities and religious venues are always on offer.

The mosque transmitter and receiver systems allow people to listen to lectures from mosques from within their homes or any other place within range by dialling onto the frequency at which the mosque transmits.

A transmitter is a device carried by the person who is speaking. It is used to transmit the radio signals which are then picked up by the receiver. According to government policy, all frequencies are shared by a number of users ranging from TV stations to wireless microphone systems. Transmission involves selecting an unused frequency such that there is no interference. For a receiver to get the transmission, it will need to be tuned to the frequency of the transmission.

Whether you want to broadcast special events, the Azaan, the Khutbah, the Namaaz, the Eid Prayers or Ramadan Prayers, the durable and easy to use Mosque Transmitter System is the right product for you.